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In late 2010, The San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild, having initially set out to find a permanent, year-round site for the San Juan Islands Farmers market, purchased what has become the Brickworks property with the aid of a $365,000 state grant, a $100,000 federal USDA grant, and $228,000 in individual community donations.

Following this initial purchase of the property, the Guild embarked on a major commitment of volunteer time and effort over the ensuing years to raise the capital required to transform the building and the overall property into a multifaceted community events venue.  This involved meeting, talking with and otherwise encouraging community members and visitors to help meet the financial challenge.  Along with contributions from approximately 400 individuals ranging from $5 to $9,700 (with mean of $250), several local community members came forward to gift even larger sums, including one of $100,000.  In parallel, several extraordinarily generous dollar-for-dollar challenges ($100,000 from a local family, $100,000 from the Town of Friday Harbor and $20,000 from a private foundation) were successfully met with matching contributions from equally generous members of the community.

Last but certainly not least, this direct financial support has been dramatically supplemented by the equally generous contribution of more than 30,000 hours of volunteer time and effort to the Brickworks project and the Ag Guild in general.

As of March 2014, with an overall total of approximately $1.6 million having been raised, the Guild is now embarked on a push to raise the final sum of approximately $70,000 which will allow it to not only complete the outfitting of Brickworks with furniture, catering and audiovisual equipment but also completely pay off the outstanding mortgage debt.

The project is already making several significant contributions to island community life.  The Saturday San Juan Islands Farmers Market on Brickworks Plaza has now expanded into the Building as well, the Friday Harbor Art Market on the Plaza on Fridays has been drawing additional vendors and visitors, and a new weekend event, “Sundays @ Brickworks” was launched on summer Sunday afternoons as an eclectic gathering of food, crafts, music, performance artists, etc.  In addition to these regular events, well over a hundred one-time music events, special dinners and many group meetings have already been held in the Building in its first nine months operation, and several more have booked the facility as a venue for additional special events over the coming months.

The Guild is eternally grateful to all the donors and volunteers who have helped thus far in making the dream a reality.  We are now in the home stretch, and, with the continuing extraordinary generosity of so many people, shortly expect to finally celebrate our community having a facility that is fully paid for and even more actively contributing to the local economy as well as the overall quality of island life.

Please make out checks to SJIAG — mail to Treasurer, SJI Ag Guild, PO Box 1945, Friday Harbor, WA 98250



The San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, registered in the State of Washington. Charitable contributions to the Ag Guild are tax-deductible. The Ag Guild’s EIN is 26-2167336 and the Washington State Charitable Solicitations Registration Number is 24977.

The Ag Guild endeavors to keep its organizational and overhead costs as low as possible, so that we can dedicate donated funds directly on the projects we undertake.  Its only employee is the part-time Brickworks Manager who assists its all-volunteer Board of Directors.

Donations can be general or targeted for a specific project through discussion between the donor and the Board.


If you are interested in making a gift of stock to the San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild’s Brickworks project, it is most convenient to electronically transfer the securities.  Just follow these easy steps:

1. Ask your broker to make a DTC transfer to SJIAG account: Jonathan Piff, Edward Jones, Inc.  Phone (360) 378-5071; fax (877) 781-2302   DTC#0057,  Account# 785-09530-1-4

2. Notify us in writing that you are transferring the securities, so we can provide a proper receipt for your records.  Send a letter or e-mail message to Mike Pickett at San Juan Islands Agricultural Guild, PO Box 1945, Friday Harbor, WA 98250 OR, containing the following information:

Donor(s) name (individual, corporation, organization), full mailing address, telephone # & email address;  name of stock + stock symbol, # of shares to be transferred, assignment of shares to “credit the Brickworks Project”.


This popular fundraising program has been warmly embraced by the community.  For gifts of $250 or more, donors can have a brick with their name(s) or special inscription laid along the main side of the Building.  Special Brick Forms are used to ensure that inscriptions are accurately formatted before being carved into the donor’s brick (see below).  Brick Forms are available for download here, or on request from, Brickworks Manager (email: or by leaving a phone message at 360-378-0095).